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Why You re Failing at Workout?

Why You’re Failing at Workout?

The unfortunate truth is that a “failing workout” is what I call the end of workout. I am typically not happy with the end of my workout, because I am not happy with the loss of fitness or strength that I have put on during the workout. A particular set I might have been able to execute perfectly once (the one that had 12 reps, obviously), will likely have 10 reps for me now, if I did it the first time. That is just how life goes, unfortunately, so we should probably come to terms with it. Life is about failing, so get used to it.

If you are like me and you are a gym rat that does not like to fail, you might not like the topic of failure in the gym. You might get into the workout feeling awesome, or you may have gone for a long time, feeling crappy. When you are just a beginner, just a beginner, the gym is not a safe place, but a fun place to learn, and a fun place to fail. When you get better, your muscle gains will suffer, so you need to just accept it, and give yourself time to adjust. My advice to you is to start thinking more about failure, and doing exercises to make it easier on yourself to not fail at the workout.

The more you fail, the more lessons you get, and I feel like failing often is a good thing, because it forces us to recognize our shortcomings and adjust our goals for a better outcome. Every workout, I fail, but that does not necessarily mean that my workout was a failure. It means that I have learned from the error of my ways and will not make the same mistake twice. That is the point of getting into better shape, it is to have the option of doing different workouts, and that is one of the benefits of training with a friend, you are always there to motivate each other, and I can be the one that is mad at myself. A trainer is definitely a friend, but a friend that is forcing you to do a workout that you know will fail you. What fun is that?

I know I fail all the time, but I should really take a step back and realize that I am just a beginner in the gym, just as you are. Yes, there are plenty of exercise machines that will make it easier on you to lift and do the workout, but guess what? You are just a beginner in life, and you have made a lot of mistakes already, you are failing a lot. That is just the way things go, you fail and then you get up, go back to the workout, and try again. If you continue to beat yourself up and beat yourself up, then you are in a bad position, in terms of your fitness level, so it is time to stop thinking that you are a failure and start thinking that you are a learning, a growing, an evolving entity. As you learn, you will stop failing and start succeeding. You have to accept that failure is a natural part of the process, and that it is happening to everyone, not just to you.

But you don’t fail, because you just can’t make it work. If you can’t do it, just stop training for a little bit, it is only 3-5 days, at most, so give yourself that time to work out another way. Sure, you might go back to your failed workout, but you are not failing, you are trying, and trying will probably be more effective at training your body.

Some of you might feel like you will be scared if you realize that you can’t train for a few days, so it might be hard to tell yourself that you are just getting up, going back to your workout and trying again. I know that is not easy, I am working on my own issues, and I am getting better at working through these issues, I am not an expert on the subject, but I have to admit that I still need time to get back into my workouts and it is hard, but I know that the effort is worth it, in the long run.

My point is that there will come a time, if you are training with a trainer, that they will try to get you to do something that will eventually fail, just like you will try it, and fail, and you will feel frustrated. In the long run, I am sure that the trainers will hate me, will hate them. Maybe not, but it is going to happen, so there is no point in training together if they will hate each other. If they are my friends, then it is no big deal, but if they are just my training partners, it could be uncomfortable for both of us.

So I’ll ask you again.

Why you’re failing at workout?

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