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couple having morning jogging

If you aren’t used to jogging on a regular basis, you’ll burn fewer calories after a week or two. But, how many calories does jogging burn for me? When you’re new to the jogging game, it can be easy to chase down a low-calorie burn with an overabundance of energy and jogging for a longer period.

According to the Human Physiology Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati, jogging burns an average of 729 calories per hour. If you follow a 50-minute jog at a 5 mph pace, you will burn as many calories in that timeframe as you can burn in about 2 hours of swimming or 1.5 hours of biking.

The same research team compared a vigorous jog to jogging at a slower pace. Their findings were similar: Jogging burned the most calories, even when the pace slowed down.

You can’t ever guarantee you’ll jog every day or even every week. But if you are aiming for a calorie deficit, it will be hard to maintain it otherwise.

The idea behind calorie burn is that a high-calorie count will let you achieve high, sustained exercise levels, while the number of calories burned will not surpass the calories you consume. And, if you exercise steadily, you will have high calories as well.

The lower calorie count requirement for jogging makes it an especially good choice for people who cannot spare more than 1,200 calories per day.

About 75% of the calories burned by jogging are burned in the first 10 minutes.

Health Benefits

Because it burns calories relatively quickly, jogging is an efficient way to build and maintain your exercise levels. It has been shown to reduce body fat and provide weight loss with minimal weight loss. Some studies show that jogging can help you lose weight more effectively than other forms of exercise.

Walking offers a similar calorie burn, but is not as easy as jogging for people who are overweight or have joint or bone problems.

Health benefits of jogging include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Reduction of risk of diabetes
  3. Improved mood
  4. Elevated heart rate
  5. Increased muscle mass

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